The Board of Directors is responsible for exercising all corporate matters and for managing the business and affairs of the Jefferson Scholars Foundation.

Timothy J. Ingrassia, Chairman (Col ’86)
Partner and Co-Chairman of Global M&A, Goldman Sachs Group, Inc.
New York, New York

Stephen S. Crawford, Vice Chair (Col ’86)
Chief Financial Officer, Capital One Financial Corporation
New York, New York

Tiffany B. Armstrong, (Com ’90)
Managing Director, Harris Williams & Co.
Richmond, Virginia

Clifford W. Bogue, M.D. (Col ’81, MD ’85) **
Professor of Pediatrics (Critical Care), Yale School of Medicine
Guilford, Connecticut

Shelley L. Boyce (Nur ’81)
Chief Executive Officer, MedRisk Inc.
King of Prussia, Pennsylvania

Frank M. Conner III (Col ’78) *
Partner, Covington and Burling LLP
Washington, DC

Edward J. Dobbs (Col ’93)
President, Dobbs Management Service LLC
Memphis, Tennessee

Peter M. Grant (Col ’78, GSBA ’86)
Partner, Anchormarck Holdings LLC
Charlottesville, Virginia

Sarah A. Hamlin (Col ’89)
Dallas, Texas

Maryanne Quinn Hancock (Col ’96, Grad ’96)
Principal, McKinsey & Company
Atlanta, Georgia

Marilyn Bartlett Hebenstreit
Chairman, Linda Hall Library
Mission Hills, Kansas

Landon Hilliard III (Col ’62) ****
Partner, Brown Brothers Harriman & Co.
New York, New York

Deborah R. Hirtle
Saint Davids, Pennsylvania

Robin Robinson Howell (Col ’86)
Atlanta, Georgia

Thomas V. Inglesby (GSBA ’84, Law ’86)
Managing Director, Saratoga Partners
New York, New York

Richard C. Kellogg Jr. (Col ’74)
Chair, Basic Management Inc.
Houston, Texas

George K. Martin (Col ’75)
Managing Partner, Richmond Office
McGuire Woods LLP
Richmond, Virginia

Marcus L. Martin ***
Vice President and Chief Officer for Diversity and Equity, U.Va.
Charlottesville, Virginia

Gregory A. McCrickard (Col ’81)
Managing Director, T. Rowe Price Associates Inc.
Baltimore, Maryland

Tracy V. McMillan (Com ’86)
Managing Director, Diversified Search
New York, New York

Michael A. Pausic (Engr ’86)
Partner, Foxhaven Asset Management
Charlottesville, Virginia

Mark A. Victor Pinho (Comm ’99)
Principal and Managing Director of Private Equity, Soros Fund Charitable Foundation
New York, New York

C. Mark Pirrung (Col ’73)
Chief Executive Officer, Atlanta Beverage Company
Atlanta, Georgia

William L. Polk Jr. (Col ’78)
Managing Director, Egis Capital Partners
St. Louis, Missouri

Crisler B. Quick. (Comm ’77)
President, The Finance Department
Mill Neck, New York

Coolidge E. Rhodes Jr. (Col ’97)
Managing Legal Director, Baker Hughes Inc.
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

James E. Rutrough Jr. (Col ’71)
Keswick, Virginia

Todd R. Schnuck (Col ’81)
President and Chief Operating Officer, Schnuck Markets Inc.
St. Louis, Missouri

Stephen P. Smiley (Col ’71)
Managing Partner, Madison Lane Partners LLC
Dallas, Texas

R. Blair Thomas. (Col ’84)
Chief Executive Officer, EIG Global Energy Partners
Vienna, Virginia

Lavinia H. Touchton (Col ’89)
Mercer Island, Washington

David N. Webb (GSBA ’77)
Partner, SFW Capital Partners
Rye, New York

*           Board of Visitors appointee
**         Board of Managers appointee
***       U.Va. President appointee
****     Emeritus member



The Jefferson Fellowship is the premier graduate fellowship offered at the University of Virginia. Based solely on merit, the Fellowship seeks to attract Ph.D. and M.B.A. candidates.

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The Jefferson Scholars Foundation, like its namesake, knows that virtue and talent come from all walks of life. Indeed it is this knowledge that drives the Foundation to search the world over for its recipients.

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The Jefferson Scholarship is the premier undergraduate scholarship at the University of Virginia. Scholars are selected through a rigorous selection process that is based on exceptional performance in the areas of leadership, scholarship and citizenship.

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