Anna Drangowska-Way

Gregory L. and Nancy H. Curl Jefferson Fellow
Kalisz, Poland
B.S. University of Wroclaw (2013)
M.S. University of Wroclaw (2017)
Graduate School of Arts & Sciences


Anna Way is a graduate student in the Biology Department at the University of Virginia. She is interested in the influence of microbiome on the organism. To address the question of the microbiome-host interaction, she is using an interdisciplinary approach working with computer scientists to build a model of molecular interactions that can simulate life in silico. She will use this model to dissect the interactions between host and its microbiome. Anna received her B.S. and M.S. from University of Wroclaw, Poland. During her first year at U.Va., she received the Double Hoo award in collaboration with an undergraduate student for whom she was a mentor. She has also presented her research at the 21st International C. elegans Conference and 2017 Huskey Graduate Research Exhibition. Anna enjoys sharing her passion for science with undergraduates through mentoring in the lab.
Anna also enjoys sharing her passion for science with non-scientist. In her free time, she writes articles directed to non-scientist, where she explains complex scientific discoveries in a simple way.

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