Janet Dunkelbarger

Penny S. and James G. Coulter Jefferson Fellow
Class: 2020
Hometown: Westwood, Massachusetts
B.A. Mount Holyoke College (2011)
M.Phil. University of Oxford (2014)
Art History

Janet Dunkelbarger is a first-year doctoral student, studying Classical Art and Archaeology in the McIntire Department of Art. Janet’s research focuses on ancient Roman urbanism, infrastructure, and economy, though she is also interested in ancient mining techniques and their environmental impact, maritime trade, and the connection between dining practices and social status.

Her work has brought her to Cyprus, Italy, and Tunisia, where she has participated in field survey, architectural survey, excavation, and reconstruction as part of cultural heritage. The projects with which she has been affiliated include: the San Felice Field School (2009), Kissonerga-Mosphilia Roundhouse Project (2010), Doors of Pompeii and Herculaneum Project (2010), Prastio-Mesorotos Archaeological Expedition (2011), Pompeii Quadriporticus Project (2010-2013), Basentello Valley Archaeological Research Project (2013), and the Tunisian-British Utica Project (2013).

Throughout her academic career, Janet’s interest in ancient water and waste management systems has remained constant. As an undergraduate at Mount Holyoke College, she completed an independent research project at Pompeii, studying the drainage and waste management systems of the city blocks. This research will be published in collaboration with her former professor and U.Va. alumnus, Eric Poehler. At the University of Oxford, Janet completed a Master’s thesis, under the supervision of Andrew Wilson, examining how so-called nuisance from urban manufacture and production (i.e. noise and environmental pollution, etc.) might have been experienced by local populations and managed through legal and infrastructural means. Janet plans to expand the geographic and temporal scope of her M.Phil. project to better understand how the ancients experienced (urban) life and how law and infrastructure developed to support contemporary social mores.

Janet will conduct research at Pompeii this summer as part of the UVa affiliated excavation, the Via Consolare Project.

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